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Utility rebates

Have you been thinking of converting your existing lighting to LED lighting?  Bet you didn’t know that some Utility companies will pay you to save electricity?   Most utility companies require your products be certified by being DLC, Energy Star, or LDL rated in order to qualify for the LED lighting rebates.  Our expert advisors can help you find the products that will qualify for you to receive a utility rebate for using energy-efficient lighting.

As a value added service for our Atlanta LED lighting customers who are Georgia Power customers we offer to initiate the paperwork to get the energy efficiency rebate process started when they purchase LED lighting products from us.  Utility rebates can be complex and there are many different rebates for different products.  Additionally, there are thousands of utility companies across the US, each having their own rebate processes.  Read the following FAQ’s below then contact LED There Be Light to get started finding the products that will help you save energy and qualify you for utility rebates.    CLICK HERE to see if you utility company offers rebates for becoming energy efficient. 

Why should I be concerned with Utility Rebates?

Utility rebates offer huge benefits to your business.  By converting your existing florescent lighting to LED lighting you will not only see a large reduction in our electricity bill but utility companies reward you by offering cash rebates. You are effectively being paid to save energy.  For a long time it had been very expensive to convert your existing lighting to LED lighting.  With these utility rebates you will greatly reduce the return on your investment. 

Why would utility companies offer rebates?

Utilities companies are continually trying to set energy savings goals, which help them expand power plant capacity. In most cases it is often cheaper for utility companies to pay for rebates than to build a new power plant and deal with increased infrastructure maintenance.

Which utility companies offer rebates? What type of products?

There are over 3,000 utility companies across the nation, each with their own rebate programs. Rebates are available for lamps, ballasts, fixtures and controls.  For example: T8, T5, T5HO, CFLi, LED, CDMi, Allstart, Sensors and Controls, RDL.  Typically utility compaiens are looking for DLC, Energy Star, or LDL ratings for products to qualify for lighting rebates.  CLICK HERE for a list of known utility companies who offer energy rebates for LED Lighting in your area. 

There are two types of rebates:  Custom vs. Prescriptive

Prescriptive Rebates provide a specific predetermined dollar amount for each fixture or lamp replaced, for example:  $4/T8 lamp converted from florescent to LED .  Custom Rebates are based on the total energy savings between the existing lamp to LED bulb, for example, If you change a 60W to 9W LED bulb you have a savings of 51W.  For example Georgia Power offers a rebate of $.20/watts saved ( 51 x .20 = $10.20).