Atlanta commercial exterior light fixtures including wall packs, flood lights, parking, spot lights, and street lights. Call 470-205-4555 for further assistance finding the LED commercial exterior light fixture that suits your design and budget needs.

  • LED Barn Light Fixtures

    LED Barn Light Fixtures (2)

    Atlanta LED barn lights offer lighting solution for not just barns but other commercial buildings that need an area lighting solution.
  • LED Bollards

    LED Bollards (2)

    LED There Be Light offers a wide variety of Atlanta LED Bollard outdoor lighting fixtures. These LED outdoor lighting fixtures are a perfect solution to light pathways leading into a building. There are several different styles available to choose from. We carry low voltage as well as high voltage models. Contact our Design Team for further assistance finding your bollard outdoor light fixtures.
  • LED Canopy Light Fixtures

    LED Canopy Light Fixtures (6)

    Atlanta LED Canopy Light Fixtures offer lighting solutions for parking garages, gas station canopies, breezeways, walkways, and many other applications. We carry a variety of different styles as well as manufactures. We carry recessed & surface mounted options.
  • LED Flood Lights

    LED Flood Lights (2)

    Atlanta commercial LED flood lights come in a wide variety of different power equivalencies ranging from 100W to 1000W. The applications include architectural, area lighting, and wall washing. We offer several different manufactures including Beyond LED Technology, Maxlite, RAB, and many others. Also check out our Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York LED flood lights.
  • LED Flood Spot Lights

    LED Flood Spot Lights (1)

    Atlanta LED Flood Spot Lights. These LED spot light fixtures come in 12W and 30W versions and offer between 1175 and 3185 lumens. Call 470-205-4555 or fill out our design team contact form for further assistance finding your LED spot light fixture.
  • LED Parking Lot Fixtures

    LED Parking Lot Fixtures (9)

    LED There Be Light offers Atlanta LED Parking Lot and area lighting fixtures. Our LED parking lot fixtures range from 250W-1000W metal halite Equivalent. These Atlanta LED parking lot and area lighting light fixtures are DLC rated qualifying for utility rebates from your utility company. Georgia Power offers rebates for converting your existing lighting to LED. Fill out our Design Team contact form for assistance. You can also use our Energy Savings Calculator under the resource center tab.
  • LED Security Lighting Fixtures

    LED Security Lighting Fixtures (7)

    Atlanta LED Security Lighting Fixtures help provide lighting in areas where security is a concern. Our security lighting fixtures vary in styles and also are available with photocell for worry free lighting.
  • LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures

    LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures (6)

    Atlanta LED vapor tight light fixtures. Vapor tight light fixtures are an ideal solution for parking decks as well as stairwells and applications where lighting is needed in harsh environments.
  • LED Wall Packs

    LED Wall Packs (14)

    Atlanta LED commercial wall pack light fixtures come in different wattage sizes as well as several different styles. Browse our LED commercial wall pack light fixture category to find the LED wall pack that suite your needs. Call 470-205-4555 for further assistance finding your LED wall pack.