LED There Be Light offers a wide variety of different colors of both LED and Incandescent rope light to fit all of your decorating needs.   You can also choose between STEADY or CHASING light displaying effect.  If you choose Chasing you will need a controller to give it the chase effect.  You will see the controller as an accessory option on the product page.  LED There Be Light is Atlanta’s first choice for Quality rope lighting

  • Rope Light Accessories

    Rope Light Accessories (1)

    Find your Rope Light accessories here. Rope light controllers, Power extension cables, mounting clips, Invisible rope light connectors, End caps
  • CHASING Rope Light

    CHASING Rope Light (9)

    CHASING rope light allows you to utilize a function controller to customize the light display effect or your rope light
  • STEADY Rope Light

    STEADY Rope Light (14)

    STEADY Rope Light. Available in 150', 30' 18' sections.