Maxilte MLMT22D3541 2′ x 2′ 35W LED Micro Lay-In Ceiling Troffer 4100K, 3450 Lumens

Maxlite MLMT22D3541

2′ x2′ LED Micro Lay-in Ceiling Troffer 35W, 4100K temperature color, 3450 lumens,  

Manufactured by Maxlite

50,000 hour / 5 year warranty  Dimmer compatible

Also available in 3500K & 5000K color temperatures


Guide to understanding & determining the correct color temperature.

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Whether you are retrofitting your existing florescent ceiling troffers or planing for a new building give your building a sleek, modern look by using these energy-saving LED panel flat panel fixtures.  These LED flat panel fixtures can be installed in drop-ceiling grids, surface mounted to ceilings, or suspended from ceilings.  The simple design of these flat panels allows for a quick and easy retrofit of existing florescent ceiling troffers.  They were designed with quality in mind giving them a long life usage of 50,000 hours and carry a 5 year manufactures warranty.  Their high color rendering index (80+) makes them ideal for retail stores and showrooms where natural color and appearance is essential.   Manufactured by Maxlite.

MaxLite’s Micro-TTM Lay-In LED Panel is the next evolution
of LED troffer lighting that departs from standard designs by
using single or multiple strips, comprised of LM-80 tested LED
chips individually enclosed in MicroCellTM louvers. The Micro-T
panel is designed for remodel or new construction installations
in gridded lay-ins and troffers in offices, retail, public spaces,
and businesses.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 3 in