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|Give your home or business curb appeal by adding LED Landscape Lighting !

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By adding LED landscape lighting to your home or business you can dramatically transform the exterior appearance into one of envy.  There are many benefits to adding led landscaping lights.  LED There Be Light offers the latest in LED landscape lighting products and installations in the Atlanta area. 

Using LED Landscape Lighting  offers several benefits included to but not limited to:

  • Better viability – In areas such as walkways and stairs, using high intensity LED landscape lights could help prevent accidents.  Halogen lights offer a faint glow where as LED landscaping lights offer quality light.
  • Long Usage Life – LED landscape light bulbs offer up to 20,000 hours of usage verses 4,000 hours for typical halogen bulbs. 
  • More Energy Efficient – LED landscape bulbs use up to 90% less energy to operate verses halogen.  The energy savings makes the return on investment quicker. 
  • Lower Carbon Footprint –  LED lighting is a “greener” technology as it emits less carbon dioxide.
  • Less Insect Activity – Halogen light bulbs emit UV light, which attracts insects. By using LED landscape lights, you could potentially decrease insect activity in areas where lighting attract insects like your backyard.